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TMT Rebars

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Amba Flexion TMT Bars :
Advancing Steel Quality with Precision LRF Technology

Experience superior steel production with Amba Flexion, made using advanced Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) Technology. At AMBA, we refine steel in our induction furnace, followed by precision adjustments in the LRF to enhance liquid steel quality. By controlling elements like sulfur and phosphorous, Amba Flexion eliminates impurities, improving steel flexibility. The result is "Killed" steel, known for its purity and resilience. Ferro-alloys are added for the desired chemistry before seamless transfer to the caster, all within the ladle. A calibrated heat source ensures optimal temperatures, preserving Amba Flexion's uncompromised quality.


Salient Features

  • De-sulphurisation:

  - Efficient removal of sulfur from steel, ensuring a cleaner and purer composition.

  • De-phosphorylation:

  - Precise elimination of phosphorous in the steel, contributing to improved quality.

  • Oxide Inclusion Removal:

  - Thorough extraction of oxide inclusions, enhancing the purity of the steel.

  • Temperature and Composition Homogenization:

  - Gentle stirring for uniform temperature and composition in molten steel, ensuring consistent quality.

  • De-gassing:

  - Utilizing inert gas purging to achieve low gas content (Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen) in the steel.

  • Ferro Alloys Optimization:

  - Efficient recovery and maintenance of composition, leading to reduced Ferro Alloys consumption.

  • Grain Refinement:

  - Enhancing microstructure grain refinement for improved overall steel quality.

  • Increased Productivity:

  - Faster emptying of the melting furnace at lower temperatures, contributing to higher productivity.

  • Buffer Function:

  - Acts as a buffer by holding molten steel, facilitating sequencing on the continuous caster.

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