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Angles & Channels

Exceptional Angles with Precision and Innovation

AMBA SHAKTI excels in crafting top-quality angles, meeting national standards with precision. Our angles feature advanced technology, damage-free cutting, and adherence to ISI standards for manganese, carbon, and sulphur. Marked Amba meters, automatic plant manufacturing, and rigorous testing ensure smooth driving, 100% welding capacity, and prompt services tailored to your orders.


  • AMBA SHAKTI manufacturers angles with due consideration towards supreme quality and in accordance with the following characteristics of national standards.

  • Straightened with the help of Jet-Block and stating machine.

  • Equipments are not damaged during cutting of the Angle.

  • Each meter has a mark of Amba so as to avoid duplicity.

  • Levels of manganese, carbon and sulphur are according to ISI standards.

  • Always ready for services and continuous distribution according to order.

  • Manufactured in automatic plant.

  • Tested in modern laboratories.

  • Tensile strength is according to standards.

  • Smooth and easy driving.

  • 100% welding capacity

AMBA Steel Angles & Channels
AMBA Steel Angles & Channels

Mechanical Properties

Amba Group assures supreme customer service and promises to strengthen the working pattern further.

Designator                                  UTS (Min)
Designator                                                Mpa
E-250 (Fe-410 NA)                                      410
Yield Strength
20-40 mm                                       20-40 mm
Mpa                                                             Mpa
240                                                               230
Elongation    Internal Dia for Bend Test
Percentage                                                  Mn
23                                                                     31

Chemical Properties

Carbon                                                   0.20±0.03
Manganese                                              1.5±0.05
Sulphur                                               0.05±0.005
Phosphorous                                     0.05±0.005
Carbon Equivalent                                        0.42
Supply Condition                 As rolled or killed
Deoxidation Mode                          Semi-killed
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