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TMT Rebars


Amba Shakti 500 SD TMT Bars :
Unparalleled Recognition and Social Dedication

With a mammoth, tremendous support and commendation from millions of fully satisfied customers and clients across the nation, Amba Shakti 500 SD TMT bars has carved out a remarkably reputed place as a company producing premier steel products.
Amba Shakti Group has been constantly fulfilling various social responsibilities to do its bit towards the growth of the nation through the best possible means. The direct rolling technology is eco-friendly as it uses the latent heat of the metal and avoid carbon emissions which is not possible for other plants.



Amba Shakti 500 SD TMT bars are made with a controlled chemistry of carbon, sulphur, phosphorous and other alloying elements. Carbon equivalent is maintained in a lower range to facilitate good weldability.


The billets are rolled in most advanced mills with all PLC controlled drives for maintaining very narrow range of temperatures minimum rolling time and other rolling parameters which are critical in making the rebars super ductile.

Thermo Mechnical Treatment

The Tempcore TMT online quenching process is adopted after rolling with automated control of water pressure, nozzle angle and the rate of water flow. For super ductile rebars it is important to have a critical balance between chemistry and quenching parameters, essential in developing the desired properties.

The temperature of bar is brought down from 1000c to 500c in 3 seconds. This makes the outer layer of the TMT Bars form a hard martensite structure, whereas the inner layer is comparatively hot & austenite. The bar is cooling naturally on the cooling bed, where it gets cooled by natural air. After cooling due to temperature between inner and outer layer the core reheats the outer layer.

This process tempers the external martensite and the temperature of the surface and the core becomes equal. This is called as "Equalizing Temperature". On further natural cooling, the remaining Austenite transforms into a fine grained ferrite+pearlite structure there by providing an optimum combination high strength, ductility and toughness.



Salient Features

  • Material Uniformity:

  - Uniform strength and ductility throughout each bar, eliminating variations found in other TMT bars.

  • Cost Efficiency:

  - Higher yield stress and better UTS ratio, leading to savings on steel and cost.

  • Manufacturing Excellence:

  - Sophisticated computerized quenching process combined with the purity of steel, making Amba Shakti 500 SD TMT Bars stronger than others.
  - Manufactured in a captive steel plant, not in a rolling mill.


  • Structural Performance:

  - Optimal combination of elongation and proof stress to ensure strong bonding with concrete, particularly in earthquake conditions.
  - Available in grades Fe 500 & 550.


  • Corrosion Protection:

  - Protective oxide layer on the surface providing better corrosion resistance.

  • Material Purity:

  - The only pure steel rebars available in India.

  • Fire Resistance:**

  - Demonstrates fire resistance ability.

  • Welding Ease:

  - Easier to weld with no pre-warming or post-heating required.

  • Size Range and Identification:

  - Available in a range from 8mm to 32mm.
  - Marked with "Amba Shakti 500 SD" at every meter along with size.


  • Bendability and Structural Design:

   - Excellent bendability achieved by a unique combination of tempered martensite.
  - Automatic bending for a uniformly perfect bend on all bundles.


  • Quality Control:

   - Online weighing facilities for stringent weight control.

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